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2019 Hall of Fame Class

National WIFFLE is so excited to announce the first class on the new website and the overall 2019 class of the National WIFFLE Hall of Fame!

Congratulations to Stephen Farkas, Chris Harley, The Mullany Family, Jordan Robles, and Sean Steffy in this star-studded class of wifflers.

Stephen Farkas, WSEM

Farkas was one of the most dominate pitchers of this past decade, winning three NWLA Tournament Championships and two tournament MVPs, along with multiple National Pitcher of the Years awards and one National Player of the Year after his WSEM MVP honor. Carl Coffee had this to say about Stephen: "Few pitchers with such power and force have the accuracy that Farkas has. Few pitchers with his dominance will be the first to shake your hand if you are one of the few to hit a home run off him. At first, I thought this had to be an act. No one can be this nice and genuine. Ace pitchers are usually prima donnas. Farkas was always the first one to help me set up the fields, and the last to leave. He would drive to the gas station when he wasn’t playing to get water for other teams. He would show opposing pitchers how to throw his signature pitches."

Congratulations Stephen!

Chris Harley, TBW

One of the most well known fast pitch players in the early years of the NWLA Tournament, leading the Lightning to a 2013 championship being named MVP. Also, one of the best hitters in tournament history with numerous national and regional awards. Derek Linderman had this to say about Chris:

"Chris was one of the faces of the TBW, NWLA and the NWLA tournament over the past decade, his play on the field speaks volumes, off the field he always wanted to advance the game, and made many long lasting friendships, on behalf of the TBW we are excited and very proud that Chris Harley is the 1st member of the league to make the NWLA Hall of Fame." Congrats Chris!

Jordan Robles, MAW

The current face of competitive fast pitch wiffleball and one of those wiffle household names. Tom Gannon had this to say about Robles' induction: "Although he’s only in his mid 20’s, Jordan has been playing competitively for 10 years, and has already earned a long list of accolades including Palisades RoY, MAW Cy Young & MVP, and he was listed as the #1 fast pitch player in The Drop 100 rankings. Jordan epitomizes the fast pitch Wiffle scene in the northeast, and he travels all over the country seeking out competition. You can expect to see Jordan at any “big time” fast pitch Wiffle ball tournament, and you can expect to see him playing in the finals too." Congrats Jordan!

Mullany Family, WIFFLE Inc.

We all know them, we all owe them our careers. Without the Mullany family, none of us would kow each other, have this game that we all love, or even be writing this article. We all know the story... "It all began in the summer of 1953, when our grandfather was watching our father (who was 12 years old at the time) and a friend play a game in their backyard in Fairfield Connecticut, using a perforated plastic golf ball and a broomstick handle. They had given up on baseball and softball - not enough players for two teams, not enough space for a field, and too many broken windows. After days of trying to throw curves and sliders with the golf ball, Dad told Gramp that his arm felt "like jelly". Gramp had been a semi-pro pitcher and knew that throwing curveballs was not good for young arms and thought he might be able to help. He picked up some ball-shaped plastic parts from a nearby factory, cut various designs into them and sent Dad out to test them. They both agreed that the ball with eight oblong perforations worked best. That's how the WIFFLE perforated plastic ball was invented. To this day, we don't know exactly why it works… it just does!" A long-time coming, the bat and ball are in the Toy Hall of Fame, so the family should be in this Hall of Fame!

Sean Steffy, GSWL

The most well known wiffler of all time. The face of the game and the person in which every young pitcher aspires to be and imitates from videos he creates. One of the best all-around wifflers in the game with pitching, hitting, and even media! Adam Milsted had this to say about Sean: "Wiffle ball's version of Ninja (the streamer). The first to go big time Tosh.0 and with viral videos being played on major channels. He changed the game. He's helped the sport grow and won countless tournaments and traveled the country playing wiffs. Sean Steffy was ruler of the GSWL PA region. Is he a minuteman? Or just in it to win it, man. I'm sure no one has signed more wiffle balls than Steffy. Arguably the biggest name to cross the wiffle scene (maybe only Luke Bryan and Nolan Arenado are bigger) and even that's questionable. The guy that chose wiffle ball over college baseball and even has a wiffle book! Sean Steffy is a sure fire lock for the HOF!" Another one that is a LONG TIME COMING and should have been in this HOF from the beginning. National WIFFLE is honored to have his name grace this page.

Again, Congratulations to all of our inductees! Find more information about the Hall of Fame on the National WIFFLE website in terms of eligibility for nominating, voting, and more!

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