• Jackie Bradley

AWA Inaugural Year

AWA has taken 2020 by storm.

In 2020, The American Wiffle Association quickly gained recognition across the Wiffle Ball

world. Based in Edmonds WA, the League was founded in June of 2020 and already has climbed

to the second largest Wiffle Ball Channel on YouTube. With over 3,500 subscribers and over

50,000 views a month, AWA has cemented itself as one of the best with so many leagues across

the platform. In addition, the league gained prominence locally, being featured on TV stations

such as KING 5 Seattle. Living by their motto, “Dingers or Nothing” they focus on having slower

pitch speeds, which leads to more action packed games.

AWA Wiffle Ball was started by Jack Blahous, a recent University of Washington grad who’s job

plans were delayed after restrictions from COVID-19. After getting some friends from high

school and college together, Jack formed the AWA and its four teams: the Northern

Nighthawks, Southern Stingers, Western Wolf Pack, and Eastern Enforcers. Recruiting some of

the best players for the league including Thomas Blahous, a stand out pitcher at the UW, the

league went right to work with some of the most high professionalism videos on the Wiffle Ball

Landscape. In addition, the league boasts the most advanced stat tracking with stats such as

WAR being taken into account.

One of the biggest differences between the AWA and other leagues is the pitch speed. They aim

to have slower pitch limits in order to make pitching difficulty harder and have more action in

the games. While some leagues’ best hitter averages 6-7 HRs in a season, the AWA’s best hitter

hits 32 HRs. Their belief is that anyone can go in to a game throwing fast and having a sub 1 ERA

but that’s not fun for viewers to watch. Over 200 HRs were hit this year alone in the AWA:

Dingers or Nothing is right.

AWA is full of walk off HRs to perfect games from dominant pitchers. We cant wait to see what

is next for the AWA!

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