*All rules are the same for Fast Pitch (FP) and Slow Pitch (SP) except as noted


1.1 Rosters may consist of 4-5 players.

1.2 In the field: A pitcher and two fielders, 3 players max. Slow Pitch: A pitcher and three fielders. 4 players max.

1.3 Minimum 4 batters in lineup (NO GHOST MEN)

1.4 Players replaced in lineup are ineligible to return to the game.



2.1 All players in the lineup must bat.

2.2 No bunting.​

2.3 Three strikes is an out. 5 balls is a walk. In Slow Pitch (SP), 4 balls is a walk.  

2.4 If a ball is fouled into the strike zone on strike 3 it is a K.

2.5 If a batter is hit by a pitch it will be called a ball.

2.6 Batters hit in the face may choose to take the base or remain at bat in FP.

2.7 If a batter sticks his hand up to catch a ball it's an automatic strike.

2.8 No part of the batter's body may cover the strike zone.



3.1 Pitchers have call on ꓘ zone contact.

3.1 No pitching speed limit in Fast Pitch (FP). In Slow Pitch (SP) there is no set speed but if a batter deems a pitch to be too fast, the pitch is not recorded. 

3.2 Players may pitch from the rubber to the back of the circle but not in front of the rubber. 

​3.3 A pitcher may not leave a game and re-enter that game to PITCH again.

3.4 A pitcher entering the game is allowed (5) warm up pitches.

3.5 No rotation requirements. Players may pitch as

many games or innings as they want.

4.1 Fielders have call on safe/out plays and check swings.
4.2 There are no lead offs. 
4.2(A) Fast Pitch runners may go on release of ball. Slow Pitch runners must wait for ball to be hit to move.
4.3 Runners hit by a batted ball are out, play is dead and all runners go back to original base.
4.4 PITCHERS CIRCLE DEAD BALL: Base runners should consider play live until fielder with ball in circle concedes or calls time.
4.5 Pegging of runner below the neck is legal. Runners pegged directly in head and any runners ahead of them are awarded base they were running to plus an additional base and ball is dead. Ball is live on all other peg attempts, successful or not. Successful/Unsuccessful peg attempts determined by thrower.
4.6 Runners going home can be thrown out by hitting the strike zone before the runner reaches the plate. If a runner has passed the marked halfway line he cannot go back to 3rd.
4.6(A) A runner being forced home can be thrown out by successfully hitting the backstop.
4.7 Ball is dead on any throw to the ꓘ zone or backstop. All runners advance to the base the were headed to. Runners may not advance after ball is thrown to home.


5.1 Time Limit for each game is 1 hr with a 10 minute grace period. If home team is ahead after 2.5 innings and time is reached, game is over. If visiting team is ahead after 3 innings and time is reached, game is over.

5.2 Pitchers circle will be placed 48 feet from the strike zone. (37ft for Slow)

5.3 Bases will be 45 feet apart (40ft for Slow)

5.4 The strike zone will be 24 inches wide and 28 inches high.

5.5 Zone will be 12" off the ground.

5.6 The games will be self-umpired on the honor system.

5.7 Each Bracket Play game will consist of 5 innings.

5.7A Each Pool Play game will consist of 4 innings.

5.8 Extra innings will be played until the game is won. All innings from the 6th

on will start with the bases loaded and (2) outs. Same rule applies from 5th inning on in Pool Play.

5.9 Each Fast Pitch team must have (12) game balls to use, (6-12) while on the field, and they are to be kept in a provided bucket. Slow Pitch teams will be provided 6 new WIFFLE® Balls.

5.10 It is okay to use the same ball as long as you have a teammate retrieve and throw it back to you in an expedient manner. If they have to take more than a step or two, use another ball. The batter is not required to throw the ball back but may if it is convenient and they choose to do so.

5.11 The bucket should be placed directly behind the pitcher. Any batted ball that hits the bucket is an automatic single, the ball is dead and all runners advance one base. The same bucket rule applies for any balls that are laying in field of play.

5.12 Any ball thrown by a fielder that hits the bucket is considered a live ball. In the rare chance a thrown ball goes into the bucket, the play is STILL live and the fielder may grab ANY ball out of the bucket to throw. 

5.13 FIELD OF PLAY-- If the ball is thrown out of the designated field of play the runners will be awarded the base they were headed to plus one. The field of play will be marked.

5.14 Any team forfeiting will be awarded a loss of 0-5.

​5.15 All other rules will defer to MLB rules.


6.1 A Fielder that catches a ball over the fence must have 1 foot still in play. 

6.2 No climbing of fence to camp under ball.


7.1 All Fast Pitch teams will furnish their own WIFFLE® Balls and they will be inspected before the game. 

7.1(A) Any ball with a tear over 1/4 inch or deemed too soft will not be allowed. If opposing team requests, a tournament official will inspect the ball and make a determination.

7.2 All WIFFLE® Balls will be provided for Slow Pitch teams. 

​7.3 Bats - (Fast Pitch) The bat must be rounded on all sides, cannot exceed thirty-eight (38) inches in length, two and three-quarters (2 3/4) inches in diameter, or have tape, etc. eighteen (18) inches from the handle end.


7.4 Bats - (Slow Pitch) Only original yellow WIFFLE® bats allowed. Bats will be provided but players are allowed to use their own if they choose. Batting tape is allowed up to the start of the barrel. 

7.5 National WIFFLE® reserves the right to inspect all bats.

7.6 Batting gloves are allowed. No gloves in field.

7.7 Plastic and rubber cleats are allowed. No metal. No spikes.

7.8 Teams are required to have matching colors.

WIFFLE® is a registered trademark owned by

The Wiffle Ball, Inc. and used under license.